Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. We went on a little walk through the English Point Trail system. Kelsi was really slow. She is afraid of vegetation...that's right...scared of it. So for the most part she stayed in the middle of the trail and would stop and point at things and then start walking backwards. We would have to pick her up and catch up with our group. As you can see, she even carried around a walking stick!

When we were leaving, Kelsi got to pet a pretty horse, or a "Dah" (dog) as she calls any animal.

Kelsi has also mastered the art of going up and down the stairs. FINALLY!!! We had a great BBQ and fun time lounging on the deck and playing games with friends.


Courtney said...

Vegetation....HA!! Guess she won't be a gardener when she grows up!!

Rob & Linder said...

She wont have to worry about vegetation at the beach. August can't come quick enough.

museumeg said...

That's hilarious! Nature makes me a little nervous too! I wish I could get Jane to master the stairs but I'm too scared to let her practice most of the time.