Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fun on the Farm
This week Kelsi got to go to a little farm down the street. For a small fee, she received a bag full of special food so she could feed the animals. She got to see Horses, pigs, goats, sheep, geese, ducks, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs & a turkey. Her favorite animal was the horse, of course!

Kelsi wasn't good at feeding the animals. She fed the dog his bone from her hand, but she just threw the food at the other animals.
I tried to get her sit on bales of straw and cute little props that were set up around the farm for picture purposes, but the only thing Kelsi would sit on was a pumpkin.

Kelsi made quick friends. This is Kinzie from her nursery class. Kinzie is like the mom to all the kids in the nursery. She hugs them and says "It's OK, mommy will be back".

It was pretty cute. She just kept saying "hand?" to this other little girl, until she held her hand too! Kelsi misses all her boyfriends in Clarkston, but I think she thinks it is pretty neat to have some girls to play with!


museumeg said...

Kelsi is one cute little pumpkin!

Megs said...

OK, HOW is it possible that this little girl gets cuter with every pic????? It is amazing! :D
What a fun trip, I need to figure out something like that to do with my kids, they would LOVE it! :D

Mom said...

How fun Karina! I'm sure glad you are having some fun experiences with Kelsi Lynn. I wish I were home and we would take her to Green bluff to pick apples and peaches and get all sticky from eating them on the way home. Next season!

Amanda said...

Logan is loving all the pictures right now and the animals. So fun and cute. Can I just take her for a week please? I need another one!

thewaddsquad said...

Where is this fun place?