Monday, October 26, 2009

The story of the comb

Kelsi was playing with her comb this morning after I did her hair. I told her that it was time to go to the gym and I proceeded to put on my shoes. As I was putting my last shoe on, Kelsi started yelling "COMB! COMB!" as she pointed to my shoe. At this time, I already had my shoe on and wiggled my toe around and felt no comb. I said "Silly girl, there is no comb in my shoe". She continued to say "Comb! Shoe!"

I got to the gym and started my boot camp class. About 15 minutes into the class, I started doing the box jump and my instructor came up to me and said "Do you know that you have a comb in your shoe?" I looked down and sure enough there was Kelsi's comb sticking straight up right on the outside of my ankle. I told my instructor what had happened and we had a good laugh. She said she wasn't sure if I just kept the comb with me at all times or what!

Sorry, I doubted you Kels!


museumeg said...

Ha ha ha! That's hilarious! I can't believe you didn't notice you had a comb in your shoe. What's funnier is that your instructor thought that maybe you just carried it around with you. Gotta be on the lookout for a bad hair moment! LOL

Porter Family said...

Tamar keeps chapstick in her socks, you keep combs in your shoes. What do Shayla and Kaylee keep in their footwear? :) You Manderinos are weird, but we love you anyways. (ps-what is Kelsi's # so we can vote for her?)

Elise said...

Thanks for the great laugh!!! Ha ha ha ha! Oh Kelsi. . . .she is a cutie pie.

Que Onda Clines said...

oh my. that is hilarious! love it!