Monday, December 14, 2009

2 year stats
Kelsi had her well child check up today. She's still a BIG girl!
36.5 in tall - 98%
(I can't believe she is over 3 feet). Isn't there something about you just double their height at 2 and you will get their adult height. 6'1''?????? She will be the tallest girl on either side of the family if that is true! Wowee.
31 lbs 8 oz. - 93%
Looks like our daughter is an "A" student. :)


Rob &Linder said...

noyhing wrong with being tall and beauitful

R Family said...

wow! have you started the bball training yet?

Porter Family said...

Your daughter could beat the schnoz out of my daughter. :) Although, my daughter is full of Porter/Griffitts combo attitude, so it would be a good match.