Sunday, December 06, 2009

Good times
When my friend Leslie called and asked if I wanted to make a trip down to Clarkston with her I was right on board! We are fortunate enough that it was our old ward's Christmas party and we were able to see all of our friends. It felt like coming home.

Kelsi also got to play with this cute guy.

They had a lot of fun with a few moments of fighting over who had what toy first. Kelsi is still asking for "Gant" and "Owie"(ali).


Shayla said...

I am glad you got to go. Cute kids! By the way- I like your shirt!

R Family said...

that's so funny - my brother used to call me owie!

Trisha said...

I'm so glad you came and that we got to spend a little time together. Hopefully I didn't bore you to death, there just isn't much to do around here.