Sunday, June 20, 2010

Memories from A-Z - Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Angel Games. I cannot count the number of Angel's games that I have been to. My Dad used to and still does get multiple tickets throughout the season (great seats!) to watch the Angels play. The only time he does not cheer for them is when they play the Red Sox. I now do the same.

Bishop. My Dad was bishop throughout most of my childhood in my ward growing up. He served for almost 8 years.

Cards. My Dad likes to play cards. We would like to have rummy matches and still like to play some type of card game when we are together. I also remember him playing cribbage with my grandpa when he was still alive.

Death by chocolate. My Dad is a self-proclaimed chocoholic. Thanks Dad for passing along the trait.

Entertaining. From his laugh (my sisters know the "real" laugh I'm talking about) to his funny faces in almost every picture with my mom. My Dad is a bit of a jokester and is always looking for the humor in things.

Freeway. My Dad has such a long commute. It is a little better since they moved a couple years ago, but he seems to always be on one freeway or another.

Gospel. He has a great understanding of the restoration of the gospel. He is a wealth of knowledge and I know if I have any question about anything in regards to religion that he will have an answer for it (3 hours later after answering 20 other questions that I didn't even know I had). :)

Handy. He is pretty good at doing things himself. However, one time when we lived in La Puente he was fixing something in the bathroom and he was looking at directions and saying that he couldn't read it and seemed frustrated. I took a look at the instructions and he was reading them upside French. :)

Intelligent. My father seems to know so much about any topic. I could say, "Did you hear about xyz" and he would already be well versed on the subject.

Joy. I love seeing my Dad with his grandchildren. I have seen the face of joy in him.

Kisses. I remember when I was young my Dad would come at me with a fish face kiss. I thought it was so gross that I would run away. He thought he was hilarious. "Why won't you give your Dad a kiss?"

Linda. My Dad loves my mom. They always went out on a date each week. He holds her hand, smacks her bum gives her sweet kisses. He treats her with respect and has been an example to my sisters and I of how a husband should treat his wife.

Missionary. I loved and still love to hear stories about my Dad's mission in Ecuador. He has had so many spiritual experiences that have shaped his life. He continues to be a great missionary today.

Notes. I have several notes/letters/emails that my Dad has written to me over the years, especially when I was having a hard time that have meant a lot to me.

Open. My Dad has always been very easy to talk to. I feel that he has always been open and honest with me.

Pride. Or should I say the "P" word. My Dad does not like this word and would rather say that he is "pleased".

Quiet. Don't laugh. I know that he is one of the loudest people we know. I am talking about how quiet he is in the morning. I've always liked this about him. He always got up before anyone else to get ready and leave for work and still does. I think he is SO quiet and is very considerate of everyone else who is still sleeping.

Rowdy. Funny that this should fall after being quiet! However, I can remember many sporting events where my Dad was threatened by the ref to be quiet. He may have been thrown out...can't quite remember.

Scriptorian. He knows his stuff.

Tailgater. My Dad likes to hug every one's bumper. It's a little scary....especially if you haven't driven with him for almost 30 years. He is pretty aggressive.

Understanding. He has been a great listener over the years and non-judgemental.

Victorian. I always think of my Dad when I see a Victorian home. He has always liked them, probably because he is from Boston.

W (the letter W) - I remember playing charades with my family one night and I don't remember what my Dad was trying to act out, but I do remember a very tall man laying on his back with his legs up in the air trying to make a "W". I also remember that we couldn't finish the game for a while because we were all laughing so hard.

X. I really couldn't think of anything that started with an "X" so I will just say that my Dad is "X-tra" loved!

Young at heart. My Dad still enjoys cartoons and he is great at playing with his grandchildren.

Zealous. My Dad is zealous is everything he does. He is a devoted father, husband, ward missionary, employee, friend, brother, son, etc.


Rob & Linder said...

I love you. I will treasure this. Thanks for making me so pleased.

Porter Family said...

Totally describes him! I always check myself when I tell Trev or Mar how "proud" I am and then have to say, "No, Wait! I'm happy for you, and I'm pleased you did so well..." :) I'm lucky I get to be quasi-related to your family!