Thursday, June 10, 2010

We enrolled Kelsi in swim lessons at a private home in Hayden. I wasn't expecting much. I hoped she would at least get in the water. Kelsi surprised us because she ended up being the most vocal and excited kid there. She was also the youngest (the other kids were 3.5 and 4.5). She would shout out "I LOVE THE WATER" or "I LIKE THIS" at random times which got everyone around laughing. Here are a few pics that I snapped during her swim time.

Having a splash party
Sometimes she turned around so the water wouldn't get in her face, but she laughed the whole time.She played ring around the rosey. The other moms were really helpful, clapping and saying encouraging things to Kelsi everytime she did something brave like go under the water. She would come out of the water looking scared and then a split second later she was basking in the spotlight and the attention of all the "hoorays".

She learned how to Tigger Hop (bounce across the pool). The first week of lessons, the teacher held her and bounced across the pool until I realized that Kelsi was the same height as the 3 year old that was tigger hopping. We realized that Kelsi could touch the floor and she did really good at holding her chin up so the water wouldn't go in her mouth.

Kelsi liked to stand on the "frog" and jump in to Ms. Diane.

Her teacher let her go under the water a few times when she jumped in. She did fine, but the next day she was timid about jumping in and said "I don't wanna go under the water". Broke my heart.

This is Kelsi attempting to be a pancake. The start of learning how to float. Kelsi would just curl up and cuddle with Ms. Diane instead of laying flat....she was a little nervous, but I am so proud of her for doing it and not crying.

Swimming under the water!

Blow this picture up. It makes me laugh. This is Kelsi doing her "puffer cheeks". I don't really know if she was really holding her breath since her cheeks are so chubby to begin with.

Here is Kelsi practicing her kicking. She also used a kick board and practiced "reaching and pulling".

I am so glad that we decided to put Kelsi in swimming so young. After class today all the kids got to pick one toy that they wanted to take home (Kelsi picked a football) and they got a certificate and a coupon for a free kid scoop at TCBY. Kelsi really loved it and I will probably put her into another class this winter.


thewaddsquad said...

What a brave girl!! And...a football? :) Yay for Kelsi!

Porter Family said...

Yea Kelsi! You're very smart to start her young, Karina. I'm just barely getting Payson lessons this summer. I lOVE the puffy cheeks picture!!!