Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"All the single ladies"

I have to rely on my friends to send me pictures of my daughter (Thanks - Cathy!) Kelsi went to her first "by herself" bday party this week. Her friend Sloan turned 2 and had a really cute Dora themed party. Kelsi and her 2 yr old gal pals partied hard!

They played "house".


And got their dance on. As a party favor, Sloan's mommy made tutu's for all the girls and they danced around. When I saw this picture, all I could think of was the song "all the single ladies". It looks like Sloan's older brothers wanted in on the action too! She also pranced around for Daddy when he got home.


thewaddsquad said...

There wasn't even any music on and they were dancing like crazy. Silly girls. Thanks for letting Kelsi come. :)

Derek and Becca Theurer said...

LOVE the tutus. I'm always impressed by these super moms. I thought party favors were like....balloons. OR, you could sew ten tutus. Very cool. I love the last picture of Kelsi dancing for John.

Amanda said...

so cute!