Monday, March 19, 2012

First trip to the Dentist

Kelsi finally made it to the dentist. We have a good friend who is a Pediatric Dentist. Kelsi has been to the office many times, but never as a patient. She was a rock star. I am so proud of her. She came right in and laid down on the table.

Joana is great and cleaned Kelsi's teeth while Kelsi watched The Princess and the Frog on the TV screen on the ceiling (the shades are because it was a little bright in the room).

Here she is content, watching her movie and waiting for her turn to get some xrays.

She showed me how to properly brush an alligators/Dinosaurs (whatever that thing is) teeth. (As you can see, she made a friend while waiting)

She got xrays taken and thought it was really cool. Then her Dentist examined her and she is cavity free!

She is excited to go back to "Jane's Office" again soon. (Jane is her best friend and daughter of the dentist pictured above).


Cody Calderwood said...

Hooray for dentists!