Thursday, March 22, 2012

Puerto Vallarta Babymoon

I had been excited about using our business points to go on a vacation this year, especially when we found out last fall that we were going to have another baby. We wanted to go to Mexico since we had both never been there before and we wanted to stay on the Pacific side since it would mean less travel time. After some research, we figured Puerto Vallarta was a great place to go.

Our flight was uneventful (just the way we like it). We were a little overwhelmed by all the timeshare sales guys in the airport that make you think you have to book a taxi through them to get to your hotel. I was almost swayed by one deal, but in the end we made our way passed them and into a taxi and on our way to the hotel.

After we dropped our bags off in our room, we got a recommendation from the hotel on a place to eat that we could walk to and headed that way. What is a trip to Mexico without a margarita? (Virgin, that is)

We were serenaded at the Happy Lobster by these guys and a harpist. They were VERY talented.

This was the view the first night we got to our hotel. We arrived close to sunset. It was breathtaking.

View from our room of one of our pools. On the second night, they even let off fireworks from our beach. Watching them from our room was amazing.

View from our room looking towards the "Malecon".

These are the tiki huts in front of our hotel.

We were not very impressed by the food we ate, but that guacamole was delicious!

Matt bought a few masks for his "kids".

The sunsets were breathtaking every night. I felt so spoiled to see so many in one week over the ocean.

John HAD to try some corn. The vendors looked annoyed when he and Matt made Nacho Libre comments.

One of the days was dedicated to the Marietta Islands. This was taken just as we were about to leave the harbor at 8am.

Sarah and I sailing (on the way back) to the harbor.

My favorite activity was Sailing. We went on a all day excursion with Pegaso Tour company. We sailed out on the Isis sailing boat and was served a light breakfast of drinks and pastries. Then we toured the bay and watched the mama and baby humpback whales, was served a yummy lunch and all the virgin Pina Coladas we could drink.

John is excited to try surfing in CA next time we make it out (but he will have to rent a wet suit, I'm sure).

John LOVED his day surfing. It was the most fun of the activities we were able to do. He got up on his second try. The beach was made for beginners. It had perfect 4 foot swells that were pretty constant.

This is a picture of part of the beach at Sayulita. It was a very cool, laid back beach town. It had a great beach. Sarah and I relaxed in the shade while the boys surfed. We took a local bus to get there, which took a little over an hour. It was hot, humid, smelly and uncomfortable, but it was CHEAP. :)

We spent a day at Playa de los Muertos. It was a nice beach, but really busy. We just relaxed on the beach most of the day. Sarah found a baby sea turtle that seemed to be on his last leg.

Our last night, we went for dessert at Bubba Gump shrimp...we were tired of the local food to be honest. There was an awesome clown there that did balloon tricks for the customers. He made Sarah and I cute rings, Matt got a crazy hat that said 99.9% Sexy and John's said 99.9% Virgin. He was very talented.

We had a great time, and had great company. Sarah is 3 months pregnant, so it was nice to have a fellow prego around.


Derek and Becca Theurer said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. We did Mexico (Cancun) for our Babymoon, too. I can't wait to get back. It looks like you guys did so much while you were there. The sailing sounded especially cool. Next time you go on a vacation, invite me. I want to come along.

Amanda said...

What a fun trip. Look beautiful as always. Glad things went so well and you had fun. I should of told Dan about babymoons I so would of loved a reason to get away for awhile. Love ya