Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Amusement Park fun!

When my friend Kim asked if Kelsi and I would like to go with her to Silverwood theme park, I was a little hesitant at first. A) I was 9 months pregnant B) I wasn't sure how Kelsi would do at the park since her only trip to Disneyland was a flop and her trip to Knotts Berry Farm was only a little bit better. BUT it was free, Kelsi would get to hang with her friends and maybe I could get some contractions going by walking around all day.

 THANK GOODNESS for Kim. She started the day by going on the kiddie rides with Kelsi who did NOT want to go on ANYTHING. But after she tried everything once, she was in heaven and wanted to go again and again! (Fortunately for Kim, she could go solo).
 There was no one at the park, so we never had to wait in line and the kids could ride the rides over and over again without getting off.
 The day went by so fast. I didn't go into labor, but I still had a good time. I even "snuck" my prego self onto the Log Ride.
 It was a really warm day, so we took advantage of the water park. Here is a pic of my mean little Kelsi spraying some poor little kid. She can dish it out, but she can't take it!  She was fearless in the wave pool, which made me very nervous, but I was so glad that she was having fun. Next year we are buying a gold pass for our family for sure! THANKS Kim!