Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swim, Bike, Run

John participated in his second Sprint Triathalon last weekend. Just like last year, this time was also decided on last minute. It was a laid back event in Plummer, ID with only about 30 competitors.  John shaved about 14 minutes off his time from last year, finishing in 1 hr. 10 minutes.  This time, the swim took place in the pool instead of the lake. John said he preferred the lake because the water in this pool was SO warm it made it hard to breathe. He completed his .5 mile swim in about just over 8 minutes.

 There he goes transitioning to the 12 mile bike ride.

 He didn't have to peel off a wetsuit this year.

 And here he is transitioning to the 5K run.

 John's favorite part about this race was that he could compete with his big sister Melanie! She also had a great time of 1 hr. 20 min!! WOOT! She was the second woman out of the water and the first back at the bike!