Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 wheeler!

Kelsi doesn't need training wheels anymore! I'm kind of in shock since I didn't learn until I was 6. I didn't want to push her and just decided when she was ready, she would just DO it...kind of like potty training. :) John had taken her out once or twice this summer, but she was having NONE of this no training wheels business.  However, two of her gal pals recently learned how to ride, so I think that was the push she needed. John had the idea to just take off the pedals and let her "glide" around. She did that for 2 days by herself (down the driveway and down the street) and then John put the pedals back on and that was all it took! She has had one nasty fall, but after about an hour she went right back out. We are proud of her determination.