Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Green Bluff field trip

Kelsi's school had a field trip earlier this month to Green Bluff in Spokane. It was a perfect fall day! We started the trip with a corn maze. It hadn't rained in a few months up here, so it was VERY dusty. Pushing June's stroller wasn't the easiest! In the center of the maze was this look out tower. You can see Kelsi peering down at me!

This is Kelsi's K4 class.  She loves her teacher and all the kids in her class.  Listening to her stories are the BEST.

She was a little nervous about the train ride that took us around the farm, but she put on a brave face and loved it (of course).

This little piggy....

She also went on their little train ride. She had to watch half of her class go first before she was convinced that it would be fun. She picked some pumpkins and we called the day a success!