Wednesday, November 28, 2007

40 weeks!!!

No picture this week, because I am tired and in my PJs and I really look exactly the same as my last picture...just huge. If I sound a little grouchy it's because I am today. I had my doctor appointment and the good news is that my little one has finally dropped. My doc said that she is as low as she can get without me having to push. However, I am still at a "1" and pretty thick. We set an induction date for a week from today 12/5. I am hoping that I go into labor before then. I measured 40cm today and everything else seemed fine...she is just getting bigger and bigger. John and I ran tons of errands tonight so that I could walk around. I came home and did the laundry and cleaned the kitchen and scrubbed the bathtub and sinks and I am just trying to be as active as possible in order to try to induce my own labor. Chances are I am going to have a December baby. I am pretty miserable at this moment, but I do have good moments throughout the day, so it isn't too bad. I just keep telling myself that at MOST by this time next week, I will have a precious little baby. Please continue to think good thoughts for me. Next post should have some exciting news and pictures!


Riley, Lindsay & Ava said...

I know exactly how you feel. I was almost more nervous when they gave me the induction date. I knew that in one week I would be in the hospital hurting really badly! I got so anxious. The good news is Ava came natuarally the night I was suposed to be induced anyway! So they come when they are ready, even if it isn't when we are ready! I tried working really hard and walking and scrubbing and jumping...I found out it only made me hurt so bad I couldn't sleep that night. So Good luck, I am thinking positive thoughts!! It will be great!

Amanda said...

I know how you feel too. Ashlyn was a week late and I would cry every day Dan left because that meant I had to keep myself busy for another week. I did cleaning, walking, and even tried some nasty stuff still nothing! So I feel for you and I am praying for you and keeping you in my positive thoughts!! Good Luck with everything...I can't wait to see her!! love ya lots and miss ya a TON!