Thursday, November 29, 2007

So, the only thing worse than not having my baby yet happened over night. Snow entered the valley. We got between 4-6 inches over night. This is my third winter (not counting the one year I spent in the North Pole, aka Rexburg, ID)with the dreaded white mess and I still don't like it. However, each year I get even more confident in it and this year I will not let it imprison me! As you can see from this picture (that I took from inside my warm house) the roads are kept pretty clean because we live on a super steep hill and it is a bus route, so we are always one of the first streets to get sanded. When I first moved here everyone told me that Clarkston only gets sciffs of snow or that it doesn't snow here. Lies, lies and more lies. Ok, we don't get dumped on and it's not like we live in the new england area or Minnesota, but we definetley get our share of snow. The good news is that according to, it is supposed to get back up into the 40s and we are going to get rain Mon through Wed of next week, so this stuff should be gone soon! Can I get an AMEN???!!! Even my dogs are bummed. When I got up to get breakfast this morning, Lucky didn't even open his eyes and Chloe didn't even thump her tail or raise her head at me. I know how they feel.


Riley, Lindsay & Ava said...

Karina, I loved the baby bjorn. It comes in handy for winter babys. They say if you go outside with them then it is best to hold them close and it keeps them warmer. We used it whenever we couldn't use her stroller. I used it to go shopping like at the mall where they didn't have carts to use, so that way I had two hands and she wasn't as heavy. I also used it to clean the house when she was little, and cook dinner, you can have them near, but still have both hands. It comes in handy. I think that those wrap things look nice too, you can even breastfeed with the babys in the sling apparently. So I think having a carrier is nice. Plus if you fly somewhere and can't take a stroller, it is easily packed. So sorry about the long answer, but we used ours a lot. Hope that helped! :) Good luck with everything tomorrow!!