Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I have really "popped" out the last couple weeks! I am 37 weeks and have just started to get pretty uncomfortable. My back hurts often, I hate that I have a hard time putting on my shoes and getting out of bed. I had another Dr. appt today and everything is still going well. All of my non-stress tests are showing good results. It is so weird to watch my stomach shake and ripple as she is moving around! I have been checked the last two weeks at each of my appts and I am still only dialated to a "1". However, this time there was SLIGHT progress as my doctor could feel her head and last week she couldn't. So, it means that she is slowly making her way down. My mom wants me to ask to be induced on 12/3 if I haven't had the baby by my due date (11/29)since she is flying out on 12/5, but I am kind of scared of an induction. We'll see...My friend Trisha gave birth to her son last week (2 weeks early) and I think it has really helped John realize how "real" this all is. Putting a visual of a newborn next to my big belly can be a bit of a reality shock. I am SO excited to see what she looks like. I wonder if she will have a full head of crazy dark hair like I did when I was born or will she be a blondie like her dad? I have gained a total of 45 lbs and now weigh as much as John I belive, but I am looking on the bright side that I only have about 3 weeks left and then the weight can start to come off.


Porter Family said...

I was induced with both kids, and it was great. I didn't have to worry about my water breaking at the grocery store or some other embarrassing public place, and I knew that I would be in the hospital all hooked up and ready to go whenever I was ready for my epidural...that was the best part. I was mainly freaked out that I wouldn't make it to the hospital in time and not get the wonderful drugs. Luckily, my inductions made it possible that I could enjoy the birth process and welcome both children into the world with hardly any pain at all. I love epidurals. Just my opinion and experience, though.