Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kelsi turned 11 months old last weekend. She continues to grow so fast. She has 6 teeth, crawls and cruises everywhere and has just begun to practice standing. It is so funny watching her. She just lets go and concentrates. Her longest record is 11 seconds before she plops on her bum.
I weighed and measured her. Next month we get the "official rulings".
Weight - 22 lbs
Height - 29.25 inches

Kelsi eats almost anything I give her, but I have to give her small pieces and only a couple of things at a time. She has not learned portion control. She doesn't stop putting things into her mouth and then ends up choking. Her favorite things to shove into her mouth and choke on is graham crackers. Easy, Kelsi, EASY!!!
Kelsi gets into everything of course. That's why I have a basket of her toys within her reach. It is one of the only things that she can get into without her mommy telling her "NO!"

Kelsi and her friend Grant playing with a ball. Kelsi was pretty posessive of it.

We can't believe it has been almost a year since we were blessed with our little Kelsi. We love her so much. She is such a doll. Of course, we feel she belongs in magazines. We've heard the "gerber baby" comments, but her best compliment was when a stranger told me that she should be a pottery barn baby. I told John and he said "What's the big deal with that?" I had to inform him that it is like being a gerber baby but with more class. HA! Kelsi is our classy sassy baby!


Maxine said...

Hi Karina! I just found your blog and I love it! So glad you guys are doing well, and your girl really does look like a Pottery Barn kid. My boy is just 3 weeks older than yours, so I'm right with ya on the fun times!

Barbour said...

Kelsi still looks so much like John and what a head of hair. She is getting so big and I bet a lot of fun.

museumeg said...

She absolutely could be in a Pottery Barn catalog. I love that little pink coat too!

Riley, Lindsay & Ava said...

She is so cute! I can't believe how fat they grow!

Rob &Linder said...

My grandaughter is not fat!!!!!
I know S's can be trouble I have trouble with vowels and the letters
g n r and t :)

g said...

She is just darling Karina! When do I get to see her in person??!!!