Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Poor doggies

Since it is getting colder, John bought a dog bed for the dogs a couple months ago and we kept it right inside our back door. I was worried that Kelsi was going to go straight for it once she learned how to crawl, and of course she did. I mainly just told her "No' and would wash off her hands from being covered in dog hair and dirt (no matter how many times you sweep and mop the floor, that darn mat is just gross). A couple nights ago the final straw was that I looked over and Kelsi was laying on the dog bed face down. YUCK! The next morning I made a nice spot in the garage for the dog bed and the dogs sleep in there now overnight. They were in the house last night before bedtime and we found them curled up on the one little mat we have in the room. John thinks that I am being mean (we don't let them on the carpet because they are mainly outdoor dogs). Poor babies...I did feel a little bad for them. Poll anyone?


Rob & Linder said...

Give the dogs some space. As long as they stay on the tile there is no real problem.
Karina you survived dog hair from echo and dancer and yes the nights are warmer in Cali so the dogs should be fine on the tile as it isn't as bad as cold concrete. Why can't you buy a bigger rug for in front of the door?

Danny and Laura said...

That is so funny. If it makes you feel any better, we leave our dog outside as long as the temp doesn't drop below 40 at night and 20 during the day. They are fine, especially if there is sun. We just bought a dog bed too and fortunately, Ashley hasn't been too interested in it. But I do understand the horror you feel when you discover her sucking on a dirt and dog hair covered mat. At least you are building up her immune system in the process.

Courtney said...

I am soooo the wrong person to ask. I grew up sleeping in the same bed with my dogs!!