Monday, April 13, 2009

For the birds

I noticed a few times this week that when I was out in the garage that a bird or two seemed to fly in and out scaring me half to death. I hate think birds can be pretty and majestic...from a distance. I don't like anything with wings, I feel like they always dive bomb me. Anyway...when I was leaving one day I noticed the garage door opener making a funny sound, I looked up to see a stick that seemed to be caught in the chain. I made my way around the car and looked up and saw the above birds nest! Those little rascals had the audacity to move in to our garage! I felt bad for the possible eggs that may have been inside so I decided to wait until John came home to inspect it. John took it out and now the birds seem to be chirping angrily this morning......anyone else watched the movie "The Birds"? Then I think I made my point.