Friday, April 24, 2009

What is sweeter than a newborn baby?
Kelsi and I went to a baby shower this week for my friends Lacey and Leslie. Leslie had her beautiful baby girl last week. Lacey is due with a little boy next month.
This is a pic of Leslie with her daughter Ava Grace. Only Leslie can look THAT beautiful just one week after giving birth. What two beautiful ladies these two are!

I just can't wait to meet Lacey's little guy. It's one of the top reasons that I am sticking around in Clarkston. She was prego 4 years ago when I moved here and she is prego when I am leaving. Isn't she radiant??

I don't know who invited this little devil to the party. She wanted every balloon in sight. Poor Jenny went to so much work and Kelsi destroyed it all. Thanks for indulging her Jen!

See those balloons up on the ceiling....but the end of the day ALL the balloons were up the ceiling with Kelsi demanding that we get them down for her one by one. Kelsi's mind: "no, I don't want THAT pink one, I want THAT pink one. No, I want the BLUE ONE!!!!!!!! Why can't you read my mind? Don't you know I can't articulate my feelings yet? ARGH!!!!"


Riley, Lindsay and Ava said...

What! Another Ava! Isn't that like the second one that has been on your blog? (weren't there twins named Ava and Emma a while back?) I hear the name is now in the top 10...fabulous! :)

Courtney said...

She's a cute little devil, though.... :o)