Friday, April 03, 2009

We are business owners!
April 1st marked our first day as owners of Lakeside Eyecare in CDA! John had a very busy week with getting things situated at Lakeside, filling in other places and de-winterizing his parents home, and getting his parents truck running again. Kelsi and I spent most of the week up in CDA with John. Kelsi got sick in the middle of our trip and we may have to get our car detailed because it reeks. We were seriously just a mile away from home, but she couldn't hold it in. Too bad I don't have leather seats...much easier to clean.
I was a total slacker and forgot to take the camera with me so we didn't get pictures of John's big day, but stay tuned for pictures to come! He loved all of his patients and was so giddy. It was really cute. I am so proud of you honey! John drove home with me and Kelsi since he is working down here this weekend and will be taking the wood truck back up next week.
In other news, my Dad has been asking how our dogs have been doing. BAD. While I was gone for 3.5 days they decided to go on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood for any scraps of food they could find. Our friends that fed them had to go on a witch hunt trying to find them. It's a horrible feeling to have your friends search for your misbehaving dogs and take the time out of their day to try to make sure they don't get into too much trouble. The electric fence was still working, but they didn't seem to care. We replaced the batteries just in case today. When we got back last night they weren't here but we found them curled on our front lawn early this morning, bloated and VERY lethargic. They were scared to death of John even though he wasn't showing any anger towards them. They didn't want to go near him, I had to go outside and help to coax Lucky to come with us. They brought this on themselves, but I still feel really bad for them. There you go Dad - there's your update. John is ready to let you have them if you want. I may put up a fight though.


Porter Family said...

Congratulations you guys! I'm so proud of you. Good luck with selling your house. We're rooting for you.