Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Hike
We have been doing a lot lately, have had a lot of company, took family pictures, went to a fun bridal shower, spent a lot of time on the lake and our family went on another little hike together last week and Kelsi was a lot faster than she was 2 months ago the last time we took her. She had a LOT of fun for the most part. You will see in the couple videos that I will post that it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows...but she did manage to hold a BIG leaf! Small victories.


Riley, Lindsay and Ava said...

Way to go Kelsi...touching foliage as big as your head can me scary! You guys have great places to hike out there. How fun!

Amanda said...

ahhh...what a big girl she is. It's just so fast isn't it? My two little ones are the same way. I swear I feel like I am raising twins especially on Sundays!!!!!!