Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Learning to eat with a spoon
Before Kelsi was born, I used to say that when she ate, I was just going to strip her down and let her have at it. That really hasn't been the case. I hate it when she gets dirty, but last night I was trying to get dinner ready and she really needed to be pacified, so I warmed up some spaghetti and meatballs and gave her a spoon. She has done pretty well with a fork, but hasn't mastered the spoon yet. Here is her work of art.

She actually did a good job of getting it into her mouth. She got really dirty when she tried to pick up the food that fell off her spoon and then shoved it into her mouth and then wiped her face. Silly girl.


Rob &Linder said...

I loved these pictures. I am so glad that she is following traditions of enjoying your food!

Anonymous said...

Hey! It looks like you guys have been having fun! Oh and your house is so cute by the way. Glad you are doing well!!