Thursday, July 02, 2009

We are outta here!
Well, we did it! Our home in Clarkston is now just a house. It is completely empty and all we have left now are the memories. It was the fastest move in history thanks to the dozen guys that helped move our stuff, to those that helped clean, those who watched my kiddo and those who fed me when I was short on food! We really felt loved and appreciated all the help. Walking out of the house on Sunday was pretty emotional for me. It was our first home and we have so many memories to take with us. I really am going to miss Clarkston. I remember 4 years ago when I moved there people told me "Don't worry, you will like it here in about a year". I remember thinking stubbornly "I don't WANT to like it here". hahaha! That town made me soft!

I took Kelsi outside to play before we left and reflected on the time that we spent there. I remember John hugging me while I cried in the backyard as we looked at our view. I had just moved there and going from West Los Angeles to Clarkston, WA was such a dramatic change. John would say, "but look at our view!" I replied by saying "View of what?". Fast forward 4 years and I was spinning my beautiful daughter around in that same yard and thinking, "I am really going to miss this view". I am so thankful for the person that Clarkston helped me become.

I am so thankful for the friends that I have made that I know will be life-long friends. They truly became my family since I was so far away from my own. Even when I was away on vacation I would look forward to returning to see my friends again.

I am ready to bloom where I am planted and forget about the hard parts about change and remember all the good that can come from it. John and I have seen the Lord's hand in our lives time and time again and we are excited for this new adventure and the trials and blessings that will come from it.

Good-bye Clarkston!!! I have nothing but love in my heart for you and HELLO to North Idaho, get ready for this branch of the CALDERWOODS!!!


Riley, Lindsay and Ava said...

You are so funny Karina. You have such a good attitude. I am so excited to have you up here, and Ava is so excited for another girl around!
I remember you saying your view reminded you of the pioneers and you were just waiting for covered wagons to come over...haha.

Courtney said...

Has it really been 4 years since you moved away from me?! Sheesh, where does the time go!!

museumeg said...

Good luck with this new change! I love how positive you are. Thanks for the reminder to "bloom where you are planted."

Grimmers said...

Loved reading this post! I can't help but smile for you and your family!

Elise Norwood said...

Lucky North Idaho.