Sunday, May 23, 2010


This week I was able to celebrate the birthday of two fantastic women! Earlier last week I drove down to Clarkston to celebrate my friend Jenny's bday. I love Jenny! She doesn't read this blog BUT she is an extremely loyal and loving friend. She is beautiful, always looks FABULOUS...(seriously...ALWAYS), and would do anything for those she cares about. She takes friendships seriously and I miss her all the time!

I also got to celebrate my "new" friend Cathy's bday. Cathy and I moved to Coeur d'Alene at the same time (our homes closed the same week) so I think we were destined to be good friends. In the 9 months that I have known Cathy she has CRACKED me up with her hilarity (is that a word?), impressed me with her FANTASTIC cooking skills, humbles me with her continuous positive attitude and outlook on life AND she is my Zumba partner in crime. I could go on - but you get the idea.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES!!!! The world is definitely better because of you!


thewaddsquad said...

There is 1 common denominator in these 2 friendships. You! People are attracted to you because of how wonderful YOU are. Thanks for the unforgettable 30th! :) XOXO

thewaddsquad said...

And just to explain the goofy picture...Karina leaned over to take a snapshot WHILE I was in the middle of a very competitive and complicated Tetris video game. She said "SMILE!" so I gave this very ridiculous impromptu smile. Do you see what happens when I am interrupted? :)