Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Daddy's home, Daddy's home, shout HOORAY!
Daddy's home, Daddy's home, time to PLAY!"
That is the little song we made up and that Kelsi loves to dance and sing whenever John gets home from work. It's the cutest thing and John just eats it up! I'll have to get it on tape one of these days.
While Kelsi is definitely a mama's girl at this stage in her life....she sure loves her Daddy.
He tells her stories....
Plays hide-and-seek

Teaches her how to be a dare-devil...

(I just thought this one was cute)

...and walks JUST like him. Poor girl inherited the Calderwood walk. HA!

and not only does she walk like him, she loves to walk in Daddy's shoes....literally.

John is such a wonderful Dad! We love you.


Barbour said...

I can't believe how grown up kelsi looks. Love the long hair