Thursday, May 13, 2010

John bought me a heart rate monitor watch and chest strap for Mother's Day. I was SO excited because I have been asking for one. I really enjoy working out (for the most part) and in an effort to get some motivation to stop eating so much - this little baby is a gem!

It's not cheap, but not super pricey (like the body bug - which would be awesome)and it tells me all I need to know - heart rate, calories, duration - you know - basic stuff.

I used it this week for Boot Camp 3 times, Step 1 time and Zumba once and anyone want to guess which one burned the most calories?????? Give up?? OK, I'll tell you......ZUMBA! YAY! I burned between 600-650 calories in the other classes, but Zumba came in with a whopping 746 calories! The kicker is I LOVE IT SO MUCH that it doesn't even feel like I am exercising - well it does, I'm dripping with sweat and breathing super hard - but it is SO much fun that the time flies by and I am EXCITED to go each time.

Now if only I could do something about my sweet tooth. :)


Lisa said...

Those are awesome! I have one similar to it that I used to use a lot, until the battery died. Now I'm too lazy to take it in to get a new battery. That's a good idea seeing which workout burns the most. After this baby I'll have to test mine out.

Danny, Laura, Alyssa, and Ashley said...

I'm with you on the sweet tooth problem. I should be super skinny after finishing P90X and now I'm trainig for my first 5K and the weight is not coming off anymore.
I love the new toy, BTW. I would love to have one of those also.

Elise said...

Very cool gift! And. . . I totally understand about the sweet tooth. It un-does all of my hard workouts (if that makes any sense). BUGGY!