Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July

We had a GREAT 4th of July weekend! On the 4th, we went out to John's parents house for a BBQ and fun on the lake. These pics are a little out of order, but have no fear, I will narrate for you!

For the fireworks extravaganza, we took the boat out to watch the fireworks show from the Hayden Country Club. I've decided that if we are in town, I want to do this every year. The view from the water was incredible. We kept moving our boat back because it seemed like we were going to get hit.

Kelsi LOVED the fireworks. I was a little nervous about being on the water amongst throngs of boats with a screaming child...but she played with her cousins while we waited and once they started she kept shouting "THAT WAS THE BIGGEST ONE EVER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!" HOORAY!

Before the fireworks, we let the kids roast marshmallows.

That's my hot eagle scout right there, starting our fire.

True Idaho boy, chopping some wood. My father-in-law would be SO happy that I got a pic of his wood pile!

Before the show, we also went out on the lake. It was really busy on the water.

The only fireworks we bought were some sparklers from a stand outside the grocery store. They were HORRIBLE. They only sparkled for 10-15 seconds before they would fizzle out. But Kelsi still like it.

The biggest surprise of the day for me was that Kelsi went on a 4 wheeler ride. When we first arrived, we went down to the dock and let Kelsi splash her legs in the water. John took her up to the house a bit later and I just relaxed on the dock. When I went up to the house, I was FLOORED to hear that John took Kelsi on a 4-wheeler ride. She is usually SO scared of the noise they make. She was so happy when they got back, that we went out for a second ride as a family later on. Since then, she now wants to go on a ride every time we go to Grandma's house.

Happy Independence Day America! So glad that we don't have British accents.


Tamar and Trevor said...

Big day for Kelsi!!! Fireworks and fourwheeling...I am amazed. I love Hayden Lake on the 4th of July. Just a few more and we will be up there too!