Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer in North Idaho

We have been having fun this summer here in North Idaho. This has been a busy month so far, and when I say busy, I mean FUN! We've been going to the lake as much as we can and Kelsi is warming up to our subdivisions splash pad. Look at that girl on her toes. She just stands there....and stands there. My silly child.

Prancing around on her toes still.

John has been wanting me to mountain bike with him since we got married. It's just really not my thing, but I finally relented and let him buy me a bike. He took me for an easy beginner ride. I didn't think it was the easiest of rides, being that I have been on a bike 2 previous times in my adult life and prior to that, I haven't been on a bike since I was a teenager...and it was a beach cruiser. LOL! I'm still learning how to use the gears correctly. But, after being VERY timid on the downhills and cursing John for the single track that he promised he wouldn't take me on....I had fun and I really want to go again. Finding time is the hard part. I really enjoyed the climbing part of it and I became more comfortable the more I rode.

My SIL Jalyn has been in town and it has been SO good to see her again. I went with her and my FIL to hike Chilco Peak. It is 3.5 straight and then 3.5 straight back down. The down was rough on our knees and the up was a killer on our calves...but worth the climb once we reached the top.

As we reached the summit, there was tons of snow. I fell and slipped all over the place, and I wasn't happy to find my white "friend" in the middle of July....but we finally made it and it was just beautiful...if it was warmer, it would have been great to have a picnic.

More posts to come....girls trip to LA and John's Muddy Miles fun run!


Derek and Becca Theurer said...

Fun summer. And I am totally jealous of all of your outdoor time in beautiful places. I'm proud of you for doing the mountain biking're very brave.