Sunday, July 31, 2011


My friends, Shawnte, Sarah, Marrisa and I took a trip to CA for a little girl time. Marissa is having a baby (her 5th) in September and Shawnte will be moving soon, so we wanted to make some more lasting memories! Our flight was fast! Marissa and I played games the whole time while Sarah took care of Shawnte across the aisle. Poor girl, got really lightheaded during the flight and almost fainted. But she made it! :)

Our first stop in LA was....IN N OUT of course!! YUM! It was SOOOO good.

I love these girls!

Play time in Santa Monica!

Friday night, after dinner we walked around Santa Monica and the pier. Shawnte and I did the roller coaster a few times and all four of us went on the famous Santa Monica Ferris Wheel.

Perfect beach day at Manhattan Beach.

We ate at the Kettle in Manhattan beach for dinner and at the Creamery for the dessert! We shopped and just had SO much fun. We kept asking, "What time is it?" Then we would laugh and say..."IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!"

We really wished we could have had one more beach day. It was PERFECT. As the sun started to set, it started to get chilly, so here are my girls trying to warm me up! :)

On Sunday we visited the LA Temple visitor center. It was remodeled less than a year ago and is really amazing.

Monday morning bright and early at 5:30am we were lined up for the Price is Right taping. It will air 12/15 if anyone is interested!

Shawnte and I had matching shirts. She made them herself! On the front they said, " Way to Go Idaho" and on the back it said "We won't be duds, pick the spuds!".

We had so much fun at the taping of Price is Right. Doing zumba to keep us energized before we went in, meeting tons of fun and INTERESTING people, playing phase 10 in line and just having a good time together.

Kodak theatre in Hollywood.

We checked our the Chinese Mann, Hollywood walk of fame and shopped on Hollywood Blvd. Marissa was such a trooper. She didn't complain at all while we dragged her everywhere. Her feet must have been killing her.

You would think that I would have tons of pics throughout the years like this...but I don't. You take the things for granted when you live there I guess.

Overall, we had a GREAT time! We all were VERY tired from staying up way too late. Sometimes, even when we didn't want to! ;) We all bonded and what happened in CA stays in CA! :) I love my friends and feel very blessed.


Brooke said...

That looks like amazing fun! You guys are awesome.