Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This girl is on FIRE

My friends (especially Marissa and Shawnte) loves themes and they decided to throw me a "Smoking Hot Bday party". It started at dinner where we went to "Fire" for some delicious gourmet pizza. Then we headed back to Marissa's for games, dessert and TONS of laughs. As we began, Alicia Keys, "This girl is on FIRE" was playing in the background and then we played The funniest one of the night was "Karina's old Flame memory game". It was hilarious...somehow my friends had found pictures of almost all my ex's (and manufactured some that they couldn't find) and we played the "Memory" game. Yup, the one where you flip over cards and try to make a match. Once a match was made, I had to give them the "dirt" on each guy. My stomach hurt so bad. It was so funny and REALLY embarrassing.

I have the BEST friends.