Sunday, April 05, 2015


Spring Vacation! 
I tried to do at least one fun thing every day while Kelsi was out of school.
One day we took the kids bowling. June LOVED it. She got SO excited every time she knocked down even 1 pin. She would jump up and down and yell "YES" and then run and hug me. Her big sister on the other hand would cry in frustration that she did not get any strikes. Spares were not good enough for her. Perfectionist through and through.

 We took the fam to the resort for "personal" size gooeys. Always a treat!
 The kids were fascinated with the coy aquarium
 We have been members of our local Kroc center for just about 6 years and finally went rock climbing. Kelsi was so excited and it started out rough - but she started to like it. I just need to invest in some sort of cushion device because the caribeaner(spelling?) kept digging into her.
 My favorite day was taking Kelsi on a mommy/daughter date. She was dying to go to "Applebees" for some reason. So we ate and then went to watch Cinderella. What a great movie! The message was incredible and I am glad I brought tissues.
 We also took the kids on a hike of Tubbs hill. It was Kelsi's first time around the whole hill. She did great! June did great too on my back. My shoulders were killing me about halfway thru - but I am glad she wasn't walking.
Kelsi is had a fun break but is ready to go back to school (she says she really misses writing). She is such a cutie!


RFamily said...

What a fun break! I love seeing these photos of your girls!