Sunday, April 05, 2015

Potty Training Take 1

The time has come to be rid of diapers. At least that is how I feel. June has been ready in all sense of the word except for one thing...she is afraid of the toilet. She has been telling me for months when she needs to go potty - but is so afraid of the toilet. But - I decided that I was boss (silly me) and told her we were ready for her to be a big girl. She was VERY excited about her prize bowls and was successful every time I let her go around pant- less. But it seemed anytime I put undies on her - she had an accident. Very frustrating.

 After just two days we took a break because my mom was coming up to visit and we didn't want to miss the fun. That third day - June held it for 6 hours and then freaked out when she had to go. She couldn't decide if she should go in her diaper or on her potty. After lots of tears - she finally let it out. The following day she had me change her diaper after EVERY time she went the bathroom (waste of diaper). Sometimes she would tell me to change it before she even went. We will pick it up again next month when I get back from a short trip with my sisters. Hopefully "Take 2" will be the trick just like it was for her big sissy. Have I mentioned this is my least favorite thing about parenting so far?