Saturday, April 04, 2015

Our Disney Fantasy

Our family (minus June) took a Disney Eastern Caribbean cruise last January. It was amazing. I doubted why Disney would be better than any other cruise line. And now I can say that if you are looking for an amazing family vacation where you can also have a couples vacation - that Disney is the way to go!

We set sail from Port Canaveral, FL. We flew in the day prior and had a seamless journey. On the morning of setting sail - the only slight hassle was returning our rental car. It seems every one else does the same thing and then takes the shuttle to port. We waited about 45 minutes in line before boarding a shuttle. Once we arrived at Port, Disney was efficient and we were on board quickly. We explored the boat, our room, the kids club and Kelsi wanted right in the pool ASAP!

We went on this amazing vacation with 4 other families from Coeur d'Alene. It was so fun for Kelsi to have her friends with her (fun for Mom and Dad as well). The second day was at sea and it was my birthday!!! It was so nice to be WARM on my birthday for the first time in 10 years. It was also fancy night at dinner and we did a little family dancing afterwards. 
 Our third day was at St. Thomas. One of my favorite ports. We took a shuttle (which was a truck that the bed was converted into benches to hold 30 of us!) to Sapphire beach and spent the whole day there. The water was WARM, we laid out, some snorkeled, searched (and found) some iguanas, jump roped on the beach (Kelsi's fav) and buried each other and just enjoyed the surroundings and our company. It was so amazing.
 Day 4 we arrived in Puerto Rico. We booked a tour of the rain forest. It was so beautiful. While Kelsi and I just waded in the freezing waterfall...John went ALL in.  We had a fun driver and Kelsi was a trooper during our hike.
 Day 5 was at sea and that evening is Pirate Themed. They had a fun pirate show after dinner and shot fireworks off the boat. Followed by a dance party of course!
 Again - going on a vacation like this was SO fun with so many friends that we kept running into on the boat. The shows that Disney put on every night for the family and for the adults were fun and entertaining.  The food was great at all the restaurants - but our favorite was paying a little extra for Palo. It was probably the best food I have had in my life.
 Day 6 was at Disney's private island Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. This was also a highlight of our trip. The weather was WARM, the water was colder than the southern Caribbean but not too bad. Kelsi loved the endless amount of "free" ice cream. We played on the water slides, rode bikes around the island, played in the sand and John snorkeled a little bit more,.
 John tried to be hypnotized- but it didn't work on him. However, it did work on our friend Bryan which was pretty funny. 
 Kelsi loved the kids club - she would often beg to go. She stayed up till midnight every  night and as you can tell from the picture below. Crashed when it was all over. We definitely hope to do this again in a few years when June is older. She loved being at her Aunt Tamars house for a week but was so happy for mommy, daddy and sissy to come home.
Thank you Disney!!!