Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Road Trip

John no longer works on Mondays (YAY for 4-day work weeks!) so we took a trip to Western WA. We stayed with friends in the Bellingham area. I didn't get too many people pictures because we usually forgot the camera or one of us had to stay with sleeping Kelsi in the car. Here are a few of the pretty scenery.

Trees, trees and more trees. There was no shortage of foilage on our trip.
Deception pass that leads to Whidbey Island where John used to work pre-Karina.
View out to the Pacific from Deception pass
This is Kelsi on the way to western WA. She was SO Happy the entire way there. The way back was a different story. She was DONE with her car seat.


Shayla said...

Cute picture of Kelsi! I am glad you guys had a good time. So when you say Atlantic- do you mean Ocean? Because I didn't think you can see that from Washington?

Amanda said...

Oh makes me miss seattle just a tiny bit. Actually I don't know visiting it was the living there. We want to make a trip up that way again. I hope you guys had fun. Now put him to work on stuff around the house I always have a list for dan when he has a 3 day weekend!

Elise said...

Ahhhhh. Those pictures are so appealing and peaceful. Sounds like an enjoyable trip.