Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Better all the time

Kelsi is finally warming up to everyone...here is proof. (She even cried when Aunt Tamar left to go out on a date with Trevor).

Swinging around with Aunt Shayla

We also went to the beach again. This time we chose Corona Del Mar. In this picture, I asked Kelsi to lie down next to her mommy. She did just as she was told!

Two happy girls

Kelsi was SOOOO sandy. She loves the sand and was covered head to toe in sand.

Hanging out with Grandpa watching the surf.


Kelsi was a little more brave when it came to the water. She got really close and liked to play in the sand right next to the water.

She screams when the water comes. Here she is running away from it.
She preferred to bury her cousin in the sand with Grandpa.

and playing with Baby Kyle of course!

We also took a trip to San Pedro to go to the Aquarium. We were a little early, so we took a walk and snapped a couple pics.

We are having fun, but we sure miss you John!!


John said...

Its so good to see Kelsi having fun. I miss my family!