Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our new home
I apologize in advance for the long list of pics...I couldn't get the slide show to cooperate. Anyway, I hope these pics appease the parents. We don't have everything set up and on walls and in perfect order, but we are getting there. We like our house and neighborhood more every day. I have to get used to thinking someone is here whenever I hear a car door, since we live so close to our neighbors. HA! We have taken a few family walks through the trails in our planned community and taken the dogs to a big field right around the corner that backs up to a forest. SO PRETTY! Our neighbors that we have met are really nice. The elem. school is 6 houses down the street and so is our church on the other side of the street! We have walked to church the past 2 weeks and it is really nice. Please come visit.

Kelsi's room. Super cute the double closets and it has lots of natural light.

Guest room....can't you hear it saying, "Please come visit me".

Sliding glass on to deck. There is a hot tub to the left of the deck, but you know what those look like. I like this picture because we had some friends stay with us for a couple days while they were doing some remodeling to their home and I kept confusing Kelsi and Katelyn from the back. They look so much a like from the back side!

Our kitchen

More kitchen. I love my oven. It's a gas stove top and also has a convection oven feature in the oven! YAY!

The catwalk from the living room

Piano room/office/formal living room/whatever we want it to be room


Master bedroom, bed set and dresser on their way.... The master bath is nice with a separate bathroom from the shower/tubs/sink and the walk-in closet is accessible from the bathroom which is nice. It has some nice built ins which help with organization.

Detail of tile in our shower. I like it! I also love the double shower heads. Getting ready in half the time!

View of messy living room from catwalk. I didn't get a pic of it, but that big window has ANOTHER big window on top of it which lets in TONS of natural light. I never have to turn on the lights until the sun goes down.

Guest bath. The shower is a bonus because it has the same ceiling to floor tile.


Hallway to laundry room and another bedroom

Another bedroom. It has a cute green stripe pattern on the walls. We are going to leave it as is for the next baby. (I AM NOT PREGNANT by the way, we just figure we can add brown accents if we have a boy in the future and purple or pink if we have a girl.)



Side yard


G-ma Manderino said...

Love it Karina! Can't wait to see it in person (someday........)

PDXTingeys said...

Congratulations on your new home. I love it! I love the decorating you have done too.

KIKI ;] said...

nice! i really like it kina!

Debbie said...

We like the area you chose and we LOVE your home and can't wait to visit in person. It looks very pretty. How nice to be able to walk to school and church! Congratulations you two.

Porter Family said...

So, does that mean next time we come visit our family that we can just stay with you guys instead? :) BTW, come run in Nashville with me--you know you want to and I know I'd love to have you running with me.

museumeg said...

It's beautiful! You must be so excited! Have fun getting settled!

Elise Norwood said...

Ooooooooh Ahhhhhhh! That's what I was thinking as I looked at all of the pictures. Very nice! So roomy and inviting! Congrats!

Derek and Becca Theurer said...

What a great house! It looks very nice.

Trisha said...

I'm excited for you guys. Now you can be happy too!!! I'm very jealous of you guys. Can't wait to come see it, hopefully next week!

Riley, Lindsay and Ava said...

I was so excited about having a three bedroom apartment when we moved back to Rexburg, and how big it will be...then I saw your adorable house and started coveting everything about it! :) It is really cute! Congratulations guys!

Amanda said...

It looks great. And Like I said I think this is my dream house. So if and when we ever decide to move I might be coming and taking down measurments and details. Love Kelsis room too. I am glad your finally able to move in and settle down again. I also love that you can walk to church and have trails. I hope to do that someday too. Congrats I am so happy for you!!! And you can be sure that I am visiting!