Saturday, August 01, 2009

Seal Beach

We went to my favorite place yesterday...southern CA beaches. Not as much fun with a 19 month old, but I was still a happy girl.

This is my favorite little picture. She was so content to sit and play.

She watched her cousins dig holes, so Kelsi got the hang of it!

Mommy and her pal...

Love that girl!

She doesn't like the water yet. She is a sand beauty (atta girl!). She sat right next to mommy on the beach blanket for about 30 minutes taking shells out of the pail and then back in the pail. This made her mommy very happy.


Amanda said...

looks like your having lots of fun with your family. I am glad you made it there ok. I remember my trips on an airplane by myself with ashlyn.(not always pleasant!) Love all the pictures. I just love little toddlers in swimsuits so so cute!

museumeg said...

What a little bathing beauty! My kids do not really like sand so the beach can be tough. I'm glad Kelsi did so well.

Megs said...

OH Karina!!! Those pics of Kels should all be framed! She is absolutely ADORABLE!!! She reminds me of that super cute little girl on the vintage ads I think it was for sunscreen...oh, what was it? A puppy was pulling her suit down? Rats, anyhoo, she is gorgeous! Just keeping some of those pics around the house will bring your sunny So.Cal. beaches into those grey No.Idaho winters! :D LOVE her! :D