Saturday, February 23, 2008

So, I got a spam comment and I wasn't able to delete the comment so I deleted the whole post and I am trying this again. Sorry to all of you who had to sign in to view my blog, but I didn't want any good for nothing nobody's spying on my site. Anyway, we took Kelsi on another walk because it has been so beautiful. We brought the dogs along and they loved it, especially since we have been neglecting them since Kelsi was born. I don't really have anything special to report, I just wanted to keep the fans happy. However, now I am unable to post pictures and if I want to read your comments I have to go the long way and go into my settings to view them. It looks like the person gave my blog some sort of weird virus. If I don't get this figured out soon, I am going to delete this blog and start a new one. Think good thoughts for me.